Hi there,
I lived in BC for 4,5 years and I always bought your aniseed soap.
You do an amazing job!!!

Thank you for these wonderful products - your work is very much appreciated!  The body polish is my reward after a werkout, and a bit of body therapy after a hard day.  Please always keep them coming. 

Have a great day, because you deserve it!

I purchased your soap while visiting Nelson this summer and gave them to my Daughter in Toronto and she doesn't want to go back to store bought soap ever again!

Are you going to be at the Butterdome Christmas Craft Sale this year in Edmonton?  Could you please let me know.  Again,  I cannot say enough about your product!!!  I tell all of my friends and family how wonderful your products are!  Hope to see you in Edmonton.  If you're not going to be here, my husband and I will be placing another order for Christmas from you.  Have a wonderful week and God Bless.  

Hi Debbie - yes, we'll be at the Butterdome again this year!  See you there.

Oh thanks! You guys ROCK!!!  One woman came in the other day and bought every soap of yours I had.  I had no choice but to reorder. Thanks for doing such a great job with your product, it makes me proud to be able to sell it in my store.

About two years ago I was given one of your body scrubs as a a gift and I was transformed. Wow!  It was amazing.  My skin felt wonderful after I used your product. I live in New Brunswick and have looked everywhere for your products.  If you could send me a catalogue and a price list of your products.  I would be so content.  I would like to purchase your body scrubs and tell my friends about you.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Susin - All our products are available to view online... we offer free shipping over $100. At this time we don't have a store in New Brunswick.

I absolutely love your products, my skin has never been so soft.  I have eczema and the Emperor's Bath soap in particular seems to work best.  Thanks for making such wonderful soap!

LOVE YOUR SOAPS!  We recently bought your Oaties & Hemp soap, from the Kootenay Co-op here in Nelson.  Beautiful soap, great cleansing, nice and mild and no GUNK!!!!  Do keep up the good work!
Kind regards,
Geraldine,   Author of:  Not just for Vegeterians, Delicious Homestyle Cooking, the Meatless Way.

Hi KootenaySoap, 
I love all your products very much, top quality!!
From a happy customer...Cheers!
Christine :)

Love the foot scrub!!!!

I was fortunate to have a friend who had your body polish product and it is amazing.  Is there anywhere in the Okanagan it can be purchased or do we have to order from you?  My daughter loves it too.  What would be the shipping costs?  Thanks.

I have to say, as a loyal customer for years, your soap, especially Citrus Sunrise, it the only soap I will use.  Smell wonderful, cleans me, and it's natural.
Plus, you're a really great friend!
Awww, thanks Kris!

On my last order, I had purchased the Citrus Sunrise Bath & Body Oil and I have to say  "I love the product".  I just love that scent.  I use after my bath to moisturize my skin.  I think I've found a  'keeper'.  I'm happy to have found such a great line of products.  I can't imagine not using the bombs or oils!  As always, thanks for the great service and a great products.

I bought some of your bath bombs at the Kelowna Craft Fair and absolutely loved them!  I was just wondering if you sell any gift baskets of your products?  I would love to buy some for Christmas gifts.
Thank you,
We will custom make baskets of any size ~ and ship them to the person you'd like to surprise!

This past weekend I purchased a jar of body polish from you at the Kelowna Craft fair at Prospera Place.  I have never used such a wonderful product before.  It made me feel sooo clean, I have been telling everyone I know and they all want some.  I will be sending a Christmas order soon.  Thank  you so much for making these beautiful products..

I bought your body polish at Blue Sky Clothing in Balfour about a week ago, and just love it!  Unfortunately when I went back for more, it was sold out and I was leaving the area.  Do you sell your products, specifically the body polish, in or around Vancouver? I just love the Thai Ginger body polish and look forward to trying the Lavender... and some of your other products.  Keep up the great work.
Thank you,
We sell some of our products in Choices Markets around Vancouver!!

We bought some of your products when you were at the Christmas Craft fair in Kelowna.  I absolutely loved the Lavender Fields Body Polish.  At the time I was pregnant and found it to be excellent for exfoliating and moisturizing my belly!  Not to mention that it smells dreamy.  My husband  enjoyed the Thai Ginger soap.  Anyways, we're out of both and would like to order some more.  I'm also going to try your Merrymint foot scrub and soap.  They both sound yummy!

I purchased your body polish from "Choices Market" here in Vancouver. Prior to that I was using a dead sea salt scrub which I really loved but I wasn't too keen on the ingredients list -- "perfume" covers off some 200 odd chemicals that don't have to be listed. Anyhow, I am a convert and will faithfully buy your product from now on.
Thanks Gwen - We do use only botanical essential oils to scent all our products. It makes a difference!

Good Morning,
I was given a product called "Kootenay Body Polish" I just luv it.  I live in Grande Prairie Alberta and was wondering if your products were sold in any stores here or do I have to order online?
A reply would be greatly appreciated.
Have a wonderful day.
Hi Arvene - We unfortunately don`t have a store in Grande Prairie that carries our products. We offer free shipping over $100 though!

I bought several of your soap bars and some body polish when we visited in December and saw you at a craft fair.  I LOVE your product and have given some soaps as gifts as well.  I feel like I am spoiling myself every time I use them.
Thanks for the wonderful experience.
Have a Wonderful DAY!
Lori, Lewisville, TX
P.S.  I loved my visit, and sure wish some folks where I live could be as laid back as those in Nelson!  You all are fantastic!

I recently received your multipack of soaps as a Christmas gift and love it!  I was wondering if you sell your products at any stores in Edmonton, Alberta and whether this was a product that I could find in the city and I would like to buy some as gifts.
Thanks for your time,
Hi Jenn - We unfortunately don`t have a store in Edmonton that carries our products. We offer free shipping over $100 though!

Hello Annick,
So nice of you.  Thanks very much for the card and treasures.  I absolutely cannot get enough of the smell of your soap...and that Lavender one....yummmmmm!
Happy Holidays to you, Dave and your wee ones!
All the best,

Thanks Leica!

I purchased a soap and bath bomb at a Nelson Christmas Market on Saturday in the Sweet Dreams scent and they were wonderful!!  The smell was radiant and my skin feels so soft.  I am going to purchase some more.  I live in Fruitvale, so it is possible to pick up it up on my drive through Balfour?
Thank you so much.

Hi Karen - Give us a call when you come through!

I will have you ship to my office address as I live in rural Alberta.  I'll wait to hear from you.  Love your stuff!

Well, I have run out of soap from my last order.  Meant to use most of it myself but it makes such a great present and all that were on the receiving end appreciated the wonderful product you make.  If you want to email me the grand total I will send off a cheque to you.
Thanks again.

I'm writing to let you know how much I love the Citrus Sunrise Body Polish!  The scent is just wonderful.
Many thanks,

I am looking forward to trying your products.  I purchased a scrub at a home show and was very impressed..
Thank you,

I will be hard to reach the next few days, but if you would like to email me an updated invoice, I will send you off a cheque.  I can't wait to get the soaps.  I really do love them and believe me with this cold weather we have had lately, I have been taking a lot of baths!
Take care,