Our Family Business


Kootenay Soap Company is a husband and wife home business, nestled in the mountains of south-eastern British Columbia on beautiful Kootenay Lake.  Having been established since the early 90's, Kootenay Soap Company crafts high-quality, eco-friendly and vegan bath products at affordable prices.  All our products are exclusively hand-made by the two of us without the help of any mechanized equipment - from stirring the soap batch to trimming the edges. It is with great pleasure that we may present to you some information about these products and add you to our list of satisfied customers!

At Kootenay Soap Company, we take great care in producing high-quality products made with only the finest ingredients.  Our Soaps are made with pure coconut oil, rich cold-pressed hemp oil, pure BC mountain water, electrolyted sea salts (sodium hydroxide), pure botanical essential oils, organic colours and plant-based texturizers such as poppy seeds, sesame seeds, oats, millet and cinnamon.  Our products are 100% guaranteed to be free of any animal by-products, artificial colours or chemical fragrances.  Our coconut oil based soaps form a rich, dense lather even in cold water.  They rinse off quickly and fully to leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.  Our Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Bath Oils and Body Polish & Foot Scrub will leave you feeling fresh and pampered.  Our bath bombs are made with the finest sea salt, rich moisturizing oil
and pure botanical essential oils.